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If we want more Democrats in Robson Ranch and Denton County, we have to make it happen.


Put your skills and connections to work to spread the message!  RRDC has lots of opportunities for participation with varied time commitments. 

Register Voters

On a rotating basis with others, staff a table monthly in the clubhouse foyer from 9-11 am once a month to register voters, answer questions about voting in Texas, election dates and candidates or issues on the ballot. Current volunteers:  Sue Reber.

Polling Place Sign Drop

With 2 or 3 other RRDC members, put out signs at Robson polling place(s) before Early Voting and remove them the evening Early Voting ends.  Replace signs the evening before Election Day, remove them after 7 pm election night.​  This applies to all elections in the year where voting place takes place at Robson Ranch. 2-3 hours to obtain signs from DCDP, 1 hr. each Oct. 20 and 31, 2 hrs Nov. 5.  No current volunteers.

Plan Social Events

With other RRDC members, plan and execute club social events for the year, including Spring Social, July 4 parade, Holiday Party.  Time for planning meetings a few weeks before the event.  Current volunteers:  Sue Reber.

Send Postcards

Working with information supplied by precinct chairs, contact directly Robson residents who might be candidates to join the club.  Tell them about the club, benefits of joining, give them a membership form or flyer.  At your convenience.

Current volunteers:  Cathy Lustgarten, Lavelle Carlson.

Greet Voters on Election Day 

With 1 or 2 other Club members, staff a pop-up tent outside Robson polling places on Nov. 5, Election Day during peak voting hours, 7-9 am and 5-7 pm.  Offer candidate materials, answer questions.  About 4 hours on Nov. 5.  No current volunteers.

Phonebank in your home

Working from your home at your own pace, use your computer or mobile phone to call likely voters in Denton County on behalf of local Democratic candidates.  DCDP provides training, software.  At your convenience.  Current volunteers:  Cathy Lustgarten.

Choose your volunteer opportunities

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