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Join RRDC friends at the LBJ-Obama Dinner

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The annual LBJ-Obama Dinner is the main annual fundraiser for the Denton County Democratic Party.

In this crucial election year, let's show the Robson Ranch flag on August 24 at the 2024 Dinner at 6 pm, Saturday, August 24, at the Lewisville Hilton Garden Inn, 785 State Hwy 121.

Tickets are actually $125 each, but RRDC is putting $25 toward the cost of each ticket we buy, reducing the per ticket cost to $100.

We're putting together at least one Robson table of eight, and if we get more buyers, we'll add additional seats. Talk to your friends and get a group together!

Deadline for purchases is July 25.

Buy tickets here!

Select the number of tickets you will buy, then add a name and email for each person who will attend. Select the amount you will pay, then then hit "Make Your Purchase Now" to make your purchase.

Number of tickets
One ticket
Two tickets
Three tickets
Four tickets
Number of LBJ-Obama Tickets
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